Phone: 086 3081729
Waste Collection Permit - WCP-DC-10-1274-01

We offer a simple and effective warehouse clearance service in Dublin.

How Warehouse Clearance Works

  1. We give a quote based purely on your very specific needs – and only start the clearance if you’re happy with the cost.
  2. We clear your warehouse: It’s as simple as that: We take the junk away. And there’s very little we can’t remove – even bulky items.
  3. We tidy up: We sweep up and leave your warehouse tidy. After all, we wouldn’t provide a great clearance service if left a mess behind!
  4. We recycle: We care about the environment so we recycle the unwanted items whenever possible

Book a Warehouse Clearance

To book our warehouse clearance service, call Dave on on 086 3081729. We can give you an accurate estimate over the phone by asking a few simple questions about the work you require.

After the Warehouse Clearance

We do all the work, and will even sweep up afterwards! We pride ourselves on being prompt, courteous and helpful.